Some Common Myths about Mental Health Problems


Only a few people get mental illnesses and they are unusual or odd, so it is obvious who they are.


Mental health problems are common and we are often unaware of the person’s diagnosis.


People with a diagnosis of mental illness are going to struggle for the rest of their lives.


Most people recover from mental illness and go on to live fulfilling lives. Recovery is a unique and personal journey and often the person feels that they experienced personal growth and a new way of being through the process of recovery.


People who attempt suicide or self-harm are doing it to get attention and are not really serious.


All suicidal thoughts and self-harm, as well as all other forms and expressions of distress, are serious. Dismissing another person’s feelings as attention seeking only makes them withdraw from asking for help and may result in death or serious injury.


People who have mental illnesses have brought it upon themselves, or their parents are to blame.


Anyone can experience mental illness or experience mental distress regardless of their background or upbringing. Some people are more at risk through circumstances beyond their own control.

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