Symptoms of Histrionic Personality Disorder

Need for Attention

Individuals with histrionic personality disorder continually attempt to be the center of attention and often become depressed when they are not. They are often lively, dramatic, enthusiastic, and flirtatious and sometimes charm new acquaintances.

Individuals with this disorder often dress and act in inappropriately seductive and provocative ways, not just with potential romantic interests, but in many contexts, including work and school. They want to impress others with their appearance and so are often preoccupied with how they look.

Problems with Emotions

Emotions may be turned off and on quickly and thus may seem shallow to others. At the same time, emotions are often expressed in an exaggerated way.

Individuals with this disorder speak dramatically, expressing strong opinions, but with few facts or details to support their opinions.

Achieving emotional or sexual intimacy may be difficult. Individuals may, often without being aware of it, play a role (such as that of a victim). They may try to control their partner using seductiveness or emotional manipulations while becoming very dependent on the partner.

Other Symptoms

Individuals with histrionic personality disorder are easily influenced by others and by current trends. They are highly suggestible. Also, they tend to be too trusting, especially of authority figures who, they think, may be able to solve all their problems.

These individuals often believe that their relationships are more intimate than they are.

Individuals with histrionic personality disorder crave novelty and tend to bore easily. Thus, they may change jobs and friends frequently. They are easily frustrated by having to wait for rewards, so their actions are often motivated by obtaining immediate satisfaction.