suicideTALK Trainer


suicideTALK can be delivered by anyone who has attended a suicide intervention training course such as ASIST or STORM.

The sessions are suitable for large or small groups and with people of many ages. To deliver suicideTALK all individual’s will need to do is sign a form to confirm they have received suicide intervention skills training, and purchase the training pack.

After the session lease trainers must remember to return the feedback forms from the day.

Process for Becoming a suicideTALK Trainer

  • Preparation:
    • Are you comfortable talking about suicide?
    • Attend an ASIST or STORM course.
  • Apply:
    • Contact local Choose Life Coordinator/Training Lead.
    • Discuss ways to promote suicideTALK and invite community members to a suicideTALK.
    • Agree funding arrangements, support, and resources.
    • Sign and agree to terms and conditions on suicideTALK licence agreement and purchase CD.
    • Choose Life Coordinator to approve licence.
  • Participate in Trainer Development Activities:
    • Develop and understanding of adult learning principles.
    • Deliver PowerPoint presentations.
  • Deliver:
    • Source opportunities to deliver training.
  • Monitor:
    • Complete session leader report and return participant monitoring and feedback forms to NHS Health Scotland.

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