Stigma & Myth

Most people know that it is not appropriate to deliberately treat someone with mental health problems badly.

This awareness means that stigma is often expressed in less obvious ways, such as unkind jokes or ignoring a person.

Stigma and the fear of stigma is a serious issue that has an effect on people’s ability to cope with and recover from a mental health problem.

There is a lot of evidence to show that people are treated differently when they experience a mental health problem.

Stigma is based on myths and false assumptions about mental health problems.

Therefore, it is best addressed by gaining knowledge and an understanding of the facts.

Research has found that attitudes towards people with mental health problems have improved significantly in the United Kingdom (UK) since anti-stigma campaigns like ‘See Me’ were introduced.

We can make a difference to people’s mental health by gaining understanding and knowledge, and sharing it with others.

We can also make a difference by treating people with mental health problems as equals, and offering kindness and support when they are unwell.

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