Immediate Care Practitioner Course


Many people experience a mental health crisis at some point in their life, and for all sorts of reasons.

How would you handle someone experiencing a mental health crisis in your family, at work or in public? Would you know what to do?

This Accredited Immediate Care Practitioner course, lasting 3 days, is specially designed for individual’s to be able to learn, integrate and apply these simple and powerful techniques immediately into their life.

What is Icarus Online?

Icarus Online is a non profit providing a charitable mental health treatment service to serving military personnel, veterans and emergency services in the UK.

Icarus – which stands for Immediate Care, Assessment and Rehabilitation for Uniformed Services – was founded in January 2018.


  • Utilise Zoom video call system to provide instant access to treatment as well as face to face options, thereby cutting out waiting times for treatment and assessment.
  • Are veteran founded and operated with all therapists being veterans that are qualified in various treatment methods providing choice for their clients.

What is the Purpose of the Course?

  • Have the confidence to help someone experiencing a mental health crisis.
  • Improve own mental health through learning these techniques.
  • Teach other people how to use these techniques.

Who is this Course For?

This course is of particular use for mental health professionals, psychological therapists, managers, educators, healthcare professionals, and anyone who is responsible for others welfare as part of their job.

This course provides simple and highly effective tools to help individual’s manage someone in a mental health crisis and bring them back to a balanced state of mind.

Course Format

The course is three days in duration and includes:

  • Demonstrations;
  • one-to-one;
  • Practical exercises;
  • Assessment (on final day); and
  • Three (3) case studies (video recorded and to be submitted within 3 months of course).

Course Content

The course consists of 04 stages:

  • Stage 01:
    • Crisis Intervention – flashbacks, psychosis, etc.
    • Rapport and reassure, grounding and refocus, assist person to somewhere private to treat.
  • Stage 02:
    • Change Though Pattern.
    • Pre-frame mind games, disrupt current thought pattern, create options.
    • Repeat for as many rounds as required.
  • Stage 03:
    • Change Brain frequency.
    • Demonstrate technique, explain process, lead through technique, lead client into state of mental and physical calm and relaxation.
    • Basic anchor.
  • Stage 04:
    • Anchoring.
    • Develop basic anchor into a powerful resource anchor linked to a simple physical action.


On successful completion of the course, the individual will receive their certificate from the awarding body, the CPD Standards Office.

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