MedSupport: Patient Perceptions & Perceived Support

Research Paper Title

Enabling patients to cope with psychotropic medication in mental health care: Evaluation and reports of the new inventory MedSupport.


This cross sectional study examined patients’ perceptions of professional support regarding use of psychotropic medication in a specialist mental health care setting.

The aims were to evaluate reliability and validity of the MedSupport inventory, and investigate possible associations between MedSupport scores and patient characteristics.


A cross-sectional study was performed. The patients completed the MedSupport, a newly developed self-reported 6 item questionnaire on a Likert scale ranged 1 to 5 (1 = strongly disagree to 5 = strongly agree), and the Beliefs about Medicines Questionnaire.

Diagnosis and treatment information were obtained at the clinical visits and from patient records.

Among the 992 patients recruited, 567 patients (57%) used psychotropic medications, and 514 (91%) of these completed the MedSupport and were included in the study.


The MedSupport showed an adequate internal consistency (Cronbach alpha.87; 95% CI.86-89) and a convergent validity toward the available variables.

The MedSupport mean score was 3.8 (standard deviation.9, median 3.8).

Increasing age and the experience of stronger needs for psychotropic medication were associated with perception of more support to cope with medication, whereas higher concern toward use of psychotropic medication was associated with perception of less support.

Patients diagnosed with behavioural and emotional disorders, onset in childhood and adolescence perceived more support than patients with Mood disorders.


The MedSupport inventory was suitable for assessing the patients’ perceived support from health care service regarding their medication.

Awareness of differences in patients’ perceptions might enable the service to provide special measures for patients who perceive insufficient medication support.


Drivenes, K., Vederhus, J.K., Haaland, V.Ø., Ruud, T., Hauge, Y.L., Regevik, H., Falk, R.S. & Tanum, L. (2020) Enabling patients to cope with psychotropic medication in mental health care: Evaluation and reports of the new inventory MedSupport. Medicine (Baltimore). 99(1):e18635. doi: 10.1097/MD.0000000000018635.

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