Meditation & Mindfulness

“Explain your work in one easy paragraph.

I am a Buddhist monk who teaches meditation and mindfulness. I’m interested in the application of Buddhist philosophy to the problems of modern life. Meditation is training for the mind, helping us become less controlled by stressful thoughts and emotions. Mindfulness brings the benefits of meditation into daily life. I am also interested in the interface between Buddhism and science, and I frequently collaborate with neuroscientists and medics.

How did you become a monk?

I had an extreme burnout 26 years ago due to high levels of stress, and I went to a Buddhist monastery to find answers. I loved it so much, I decided to remain a monk.

Did you have to overcome any particular challenges to get where you are today?

I used to have bouts of depression and anxiety, so my journey has involved quite a few rocky patches. I do, however, feel that these struggles have helped me to grow and discover valuable knowledge that I can share with others.” (Thubten, 2019, p.56).


Thubten, G. (2019) The Back Pages: The Q&A. New Scientist. 05 October 2019.

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