Mental Health: Model Navigator!

Research Paper Title

Mental Health Navigation – A Model.


The need for mental health care services is a growing concern around the world.

This article proposes a conceptual model for the role a mental health care navigator to meet the growing needs of consumers who are seeking greater access to fragmented and confusing mental health care services.

This conceptual model proposes integrating mental health into primary care with a more patient-centered approach to the care of the whole person.

This approach is congruent with The Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion Charter calling for the reorienting of health services focusing on the total needs of the individual as a whole person.

Although USA focused, the model has potential for sharing across countries to build capacity for mental health care in other countries around the world.

The conceptual model focuses on matching consumer mental health care needs with the correct mental health care services.

This would ensure that patients get the appropriate mental health care services while allowing the primary care physician to maintain the role of coordinator of care for all of the patient’s health care needs.

The main intent of the model is to stimulate discussion and exploration around the role of a proposed mental health care navigator that can lead to creating models reflecting local need and adaptation.

Successful models can lead to collaborative discussion encouraging capacity building in other countries.

The authors maintain that coordination of health care, including mental, medical and surgical care, is the best approach to controlling costs and ensuring the health of the whole person.


Knesek, G. & Hemphill, T. (2020) Mental Health Navigation – A Model. Health Promotion International. 35(1), pp.151-159. doi: 10.1093/heapro/day109.

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