What is the Effect of Urbanisation on Mental Health?

Research Paper Title

Urbanisation and emerging mental health issues.


Rapid urbanisation worldwide is associated to an increase of population in the urban settings and this is leading to new emerging mental health issues.

This narrative mini-review is based on a literature search conducted through PubMed and EMBASE.


A total of 113 articles published on the issue of urban mental health have been selected, cited, reviewed, and summarised.


There are emerging evidences about the association between urbanisation and mental health issues.

Urbanisation affects mental health through social, economic, and environmental factors.

It has been shown that common mental syndromes report higher prevalence in the cities.

Social disparities, social insecurity, pollution, and the lack of contact with nature are some of recognised factors affecting urban mental health.


Further research studies and specific guidelines should be encouraged to help policy makers and urban designers to improve mental health and mental health care facilities in the cities; additional strategies to prevent and reduce mental illness in the urban settings should be also adopted globally.


Ventriglio, A., Torales, J., Castaldelli-Maia, J.M., De Berardis, D. & Bhugra, D. (2020) Urbanization and emerging mental health issues. CNS Spectrums. 1-8. doi: 10.1017/S1092852920001236. Online ahead of print.

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