Advancing E-Mental Health in Canada

Research Paper Title

Advancing E-Mental Health in Canada: Report From a Multistakeholder Meeting.


The need for e-mental health (electronic mental health) services in Canada is significant.

The current mental health care delivery models primarily require people to access services in person with a health professional.

Given the large number of people requiring mental health care in Canada, this model of care delivery is not sufficient in its current form. E-mental health technologies may offer an important solution to the problem.

This topic was discussed in greater depth at the 9th Annual Canadian E-Mental Health Conference held in Toronto, Canada.

Themes that emerged from the discussions at the conference include:

  1. The importance of trust, transparency, human centredness, and compassion in the development and delivery of digital mental health technologies;
  2. An emphasis on equity, diversity, inclusion, and access when implementing e-mental health services;
  3. The need to ensure that the mental health workforce is able to engage in a digital way of working; and
  4. Co-production of e-mental health services among a diverse stakeholder group becoming the standard way of working.


Strudwick, G., Impey, D., Torous, J., Krausz, R.M. & Wiljer, D. (2020) Advancing E-Mental Health in Canada: Report From a Multistakeholder Meeting. JMIR Mental Health. 7(4), pp.e19360. doi: 10.2196/19360.

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