What is Hysteroid Dysphoria?


Hysteroid dysphoria is a name given to repeated episodes of depressed mood in response to feeling rejected. It bears similarities to Haltlose personality disorder from which it must be distinguished.

Hysteroid dysphoria has been described in outpatient populations and is thought to be a subtype of atypical depression involving rejection sensitivity (see below) and therapeutic response to monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs).

While some research shows that hysteroid dysphoria responds well to MAOIs, other research has suggested that the difference actually comes from the condition being less sensitive to tricyclic antidepressants.

Other studies have examined the symptoms associated with hysteroid dysphoria and found that while the symptoms are observable, they are not unique or distinct enough to be considered their own condition.

Rejection Sensitivity

Karen Horney was the first theorist to discuss the phenomenon of rejection sensitivity. She suggested that it is a component of the neurotic personality, and that it is a tendency to feel deep anxiety and humiliation at the slightest rebuff. Simply being made to wait, for example, could be viewed as a rejection and met with extreme anger and hostility.

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