Mental Health and Stress in Humanitarian Expatriates.

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Mental Health and Stress in Humanitarian Expatriates.


Humanitarian work is stressful and can have an impact on the mental health of humanitarian expatriates.

In order to reduce stress and its consequences, humanitarian organisations are implementing various measures to keep their staff healthy.

Humanitarian workers, on the other hand, must take care of themselves and apply self-protection mechanisms. Most humanitarian workers are doing well.

The treating doctor plays a key role in detecting people and behaviour at risk. they encourage the expatriate to use their resources and provide the adequate support and medical follow-up if necessary.

Collaboration with the staff health units of humanitarian organisations allows for optimal care of humanitarian workers’ medical conditions.


Perone, S.A., BAvarel, M., Suzic, D. & Chappuis, F. (2020) [Mental Health and Stress in Humanitarian Expatriates] [Article in French]. Revue Medicale Suisse. 16(693), pp.993-997.