Happiness: Linking Temperament, Perspective, & Misfortune

I really like this reply by a reader to an article (in the New Scientist) about happiness (2019, p.26):

“Apparently, the search for happiness is now a well-funded industry.

Surely this calls into question whether spending so much time, money and, quite possibly, anxiety in its pursuit is counter-productive.

Instead, wouldn’t it be better to question what exactly happiness is?

To me, it is experienced in response to a joyous event or achievement.

It is fleeting, before a return to the baseline.

Maintain this state for too long and it will lose its magic.

More superlative events will be needed to maintain this level of happiness, inflating everyday irritations to trauma.

Surely the answer lies in contentment?

A neutral level of default temperament offers a greater ability to enjoy genuine happiness at all levels, to keep minor annoyances in perspective and to promote greater strength in dealing with misfortune.”


Groves, R. (2019) Money Can’t Buy You Happiness or Contentment. New Scientist. 21 September 2019, pp.26.

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