Book: Overcoming Anxiety

Book Title:

Overcoming Anxiety: Reassuring ways to break free from stress and worry and lead a calmer life.

Author(s): Gill Hasson and Tania Rodrigues.

Year: 2016.

Edition: First (1st).

Publisher: Audible Studios.

Type(s): Paperback, Audiobook, and Kindle.


Understand, overcome, and break free from worry and anxiety.

Best-selling personal development author Gill Hasson is back, and this time she is here to help with something that affects all people at some point in their lives: anxiety.

Worries and anxieties are familiar to us all. Worrying can be helpful when it prompts you to take action and solve a problem, but unrelenting doubts, fears, and negative possibilities can dominate your mind, affecting your ability to manage your everyday life and well-being, your sleep and appetite, your social life, and your ability to concentrate.

But it does not need to be like this; there are ways that you can manage this spiral of unhelpful thoughts and difficult feelings. Overcoming Anxiety explains how to manage anxiety and stop it from taking over; it teaches you the skills you need to lead a more peaceful, stress-free life.

Overcoming Anxiety:

  • Provides practical strategies and techniques to manage your anxiety.
  • Discusses how to break free from negative cycles and move forward in a positive way.
  • Contains real-life examples from anxiety sufferers.
  • Explores what it takes to handle immediate anxiety events and longer term, low-level background anxiety and worry.

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