Book: The Manipulative Man: Identify His Behaviour, Counter the Abuse, Regain Control

Book Title:

The Manipulative Man: Identify His Behaviour, Counter the Abuse, Regain Control.

Author(s): Dorothy McCoy.

Year: 2006.

Edition: First (1st).

Publisher: Adams Media.

Type(s): Paperback and Kindle.


Conventional wisdom says that women are the manipulative ones – but tell that to the thousands of desperate women suffering at the hands of a manipulative man. Men can be just as sneaky, passive-aggressive, needy, underhanded, whiny, guilt-inducing, and emotionally demanding as women are accused of being – and more so!

As any woman in love with a manipulative man can tell you, it is not easy to get past his charm and your guilt to a place where you can see your relationship for what it is – out of balance, extraordinarily stressful, emotionally exhausting, and potentially dangerous. The Manipulative Man is a groundbreaking prescription for dealing with the manipulative men in your life by using:

  • Tests to help you determine if you are involved with a mama’s boy, narcissist, sociopath, or even a psychopath.
  • Techniques for defining and setting boundaries with your man;.
  • Tools to help you improve their relationship.
  • And more!

In The Manipulative Man, acclaimed psychotherapist Dr. Dorothy McCoy shows you how to identify the type of manipulative man you are involved with, deal with the issues his behaviour provokes, and, ultimately, salvage the relationship – or move on.

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