Book: The Power of Habits

Book Title:

Time Special Edition: The Power of Habits.

Author(s): The Editors of TIME.

Year: 2018.

Edition: First (1st).

Publisher: Time.

Type(s): Magazine and Kindle.


New Year’s resolutions always collapse by February? Find it impossible to not snack while watching TV? Wish exercising was as automatic as brushing your teeth? The key is habit formation.

Fortunately, the editors of TIME have created this new special edition, The Power of Habits. This accessible, comprehensive guide takes you through the burgeoning science of just how the mind creates or quits habits.

Learn How to Tame the Wild Inside You, reconsider Embracing Family Habits, establish why habits are so important for kids, and how they influence romantic relationships. The Power of Habits also takes a powerful look at Bad Habits, explores the complex debate about habit and addiction and the implications for change and cure.

Get a peek at Habits of the Rich and Famous, Habits Around the World, and even 30 Personal Finance Habits Everyone Should Follow. Over time, habits become routines, then powerful rituals, and even traditions that span generations. And yet so many of our habits – healthy ones and not – were formed early in our lives when we had little to say about them. But you can rewrite the code!

Let The Power of Habits help you establish new healthy behaviours or finally rid yourself of unhealthy ones and totally transform who you are and who you will become.

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