Book: The Science of Emotions

Book Title:

Time Special Edition: The Science of Emotions.

Author(s): The Editors of TIME.

Year: 2017.

Edition: First (1st).

Publisher: Time.

Type(s): Magazine and Kindle.


Emotions are the world’s universal language. Understand them, and you understand yourself – and others.

Packed with thought-provoking articles on connecting emotionally with others, freeing your feelings, and engaging in mindfulness, The Science of Emotions, a new Special Edition from the Editors of TIME helps you get in touch with you. And with those around you.

Three distinct sections – “Know Yourself,” “Connect with Others,” and “Free Your Feelings” – help you unlock your emotional intelligence, tame social media envy, understand why we cry, learn how to read body language, and more.

You will also discover the secrets to mental toughness, learn how to let go of guilt, discover the upside of a bad mood, and learn the eight easy ways to get happier.

Filled with photos, infographics, and illustrations, including an uplifting photo essay on joy, this empowering collection offers a full-circle view of feelings ranging from despair to elation, and reveals how to harness emotions to build a richer life.

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