Book: The Science of Stress

Book Title:

Time Special Edition: The Science of Stress.

Author(s): The Editors of TIME.

Year: 2019.

Edition: First (1st).

Publisher: Time.

Type(s): Magazine and Kindle.


Stress is a modern mental bogeyman, keeping nearly half of Americans up at night. It also takes a profound physical toll.

Research has found it linked to higher risks of heart attacks, strokes and many major chronic conditions.

Yet, many Americans say they do not do anything to meaningfully combat stress.

This special edition can help. First, you will examine the sources of your stress, including just how smartphones and other digital distractions rewire the brain for stress. Then, consider what you can do to increase calm and improve your health.

Learn about the science-backed research that shows that self-care and relaxation can help alleviate stress in real and measurable ways.

Find the latest proven ways to dampen the stress response, including mindfulness techniques, exercise, walking in nature and even washing the dishes. Get valuable tips on how to relax fast, in any situation. Or, if that’s just not possible, let this special edition make the case for embracing stress and teach you how to harness it to make yourself stronger, more positive and more resilient.

Stress is a powerful response to an increasingly challenging world. Let this special edition help you make sure you are in control of it!

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