Book: Community Psychology – Linking Individuals and Communities

Book Title:

Community Psychology – Linking Individuals and Communities.

Author(s): James Dalton, Maurice Elias, and Abraham Wandersman.

Year: 2011.

Edition: Third (3rd).

Publisher: Cengage Learning Custon Publishing.

Type(s): Hardcover and Paperback.


Learn through application with community psychology! Featuring concrete examples and numerous study tools, this psychology text helps you understand the concepts and then provides opportunities for you to apply them. Brief outlines of chapter content, anticipatory questions, key points, brief exercises, summaries, and self tests are just a few of the tools that will help you succeed in this course. Programs and citizen initiatives for enriching the quality of individual and community life – such as Alcoholics Anonymous and the San Francisco Depression Prevention Project – show you what community psychology means in the real world. At the end of each chapter, you will find website references to model or recommended projects that connect you to community resources.

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