Book: Brief Counselling: A Practical Integrative Approach

Book Title:

Brief Counselling: A Practical Integrative Approach.

Author(s): Colin Feltham and Wendy Dryden.

Year: 2006.

Edition: Second (2ed).

Publisher: Open University Press.

Type(s): Paperback and Kindle.


Almost two thirds of counsellors and psychotherapists work with clients in up to twenty sessions each: this book reflects that reality and the challenges involved.

The bestselling first edition of this book, by two of the UK’s leading counsellor trainers and academics, was praised by trainers and tutors for its accessibility, comprehensiveness and practicality. It was also a leading contribution to the movement towards time-conscious counselling and to an understanding of the therapeutic alliance across time.

The second edition has been thoroughly updated to include significant recent professional developments and new thinking in the counselling field. Additions include more detailed discussion of:

  • Assessment.
  • Contracting.
  • Very brief counselling.
  • Clinical reasoning.
  • Clients’ modalities.
  • Technical repertoire.
  • Depression and realism.
  • Supervision of brief counselling.

In the rapidly maturing profession of counselling, this book’s sensitivity to time as a precious resource, clients’ perceptions, evidence-based guidelines and integration of some of the best thinking from several counselling models make it an ideal core text for beginners and reflective practitioners. Thoughtful and busy practitioners in primary care, employee counselling, educational, voluntary and private practice settings will find many immediately helpful ideas and examples in this classic text.

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