Book: NLP Dark Psychology

Book Title:

NLP Dark Psychology – Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques: The Essential Guide To Persuade and Influence People, Learn to Detect Deception, Covert Manipulation and Brainwashing Behaviour.

Author(s): J.R. Smith.

Year: 2020.

Edition: First (1st).

Publisher: Independently Published.

Type(s): Paperback, Audiobook, and Kindle.


Has it come to your realisation that some people have the ability to dupe others using manipulative techniques and can as well get tricked by others using many secrets of dark psychology?

Some has the ability to victimise other people by preying on them. Whereas many restrain from this tendency, there are those who act on these instincts.

In this book you can discover Dark Psychology Techniques that are used by people to influence, manipulate, and coerce others to get whatsoever they want.

For so many years now, the concept of mind control has existed, and people have shown both fear and fascination of what would take place if an individual would control their thoughts and minds and lead them to do things that are against their wish and will.

There have been conspiracy theories on how government officials, as well as other influential persons, use their talents and capacities to control actions of the minorities and small groups.

Inside the book, you will come across interesting topics such as:

  • How We Receive Information.
  • The Animalistic Nature of the Brain.
  • The Dark Side of Manipulation.
  • How People Use Our Map of Reality Against Us.
  • Examples of Manipulation We Can Find in Our Day-To-Day Lives
  • Simple Mind Control Techniques to Use.
  • Personalities Likely to Manipulate.
  • Why Reframing is so Important.
  • NLP and Depression.
  • NLP and Anxiety.
  • Different Ways That You Are Persuaded Subliminally.

This is just a tiny fraction of what you will discover

Each of the mind control tactics works in a different way.

In the modern world, dark psychology is among the most powerful forces used by the most influential people to manipulate others.

People who are uninformed are in the danger of having it used against them.

Just imagine how different your life would be if you could get prospective customers, colleagues, employees, investors, friends, and literally anyone to do what you want them to do without you having to beg, cajole, or threaten.

So even if you have tried to learn these skills before but still feel lost and frustrated, this guide will give you the practical tools and knowledge to read and understand people in a way few others ever will.

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