Book: Shyness – What it is, What to Do About it

1990 Edition cover

Book Title:

Shyness – What it is, What to Do About it.

Author(s): Philip G. Zambardo.

Year: 1977.

Edition: First (1st).

Publisher: London: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company.

Type(s): Hardcover.


Here is a startling and sometimes disturbing book about a problem that touches the lives of all of us — shyness.

Based on five years of scientific research by Stanford University psychologist Philip G. Zimbardo, this book examines how and why people become shy.

You will read about the roles parents, teachers, spouses, and society play in generating shyness. And you 11 learn how the famous (Carol Burnett, Lawrence Welk, Melvin Belli, Barbara Walters, and others) and the not-so-famous cope with this common problem.

Dr. Zimbardo also provides successful techniques developed at his Stanford University Shyness Clinic for overcoming your own shyness and for helping othersdeal effectively with this often devastating problem.

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