Book: Together Apart – The Psychology of COVID-19

Book Title:

Together Apart – The Psychology of COVID-19.

Author(s): Jolanda Jetten, Stephen D. Reicher, S. Alexander Haslam, and Tegan Cruwys.

Year: 2020.

Edition: First (1st).

Publisher: SAGE Publications Ltd.

Type(s): Paperback and Kindle.


Written by leading social psychologists with expertise in leadership, health and emergency behaviour – who have also played an important role in advising governments on COVID-19 – this book provides a broad but integrated analysis of the psychology of COVID-19

It explores the response to COVID-19 through the lens of social identity theory, drawing from insights provided by four decades of research. Starting from the premise that an effective response to the pandemic depends upon people coming together and supporting each other as members of a common community, the book helps us to understand emerging processes related to social (dis)connectedness, collective behaviour and the societal effects of COVID-19. In this it shows how psychological theory can help us better understand, and respond to, the events shaping the world in 2020.

Considering key topics such as:

  • Leadership.
  • Communication.
  • Risk perception.
  • Social isolation.
  • Mental health.
  • Inequality.
  • Misinformation.
  • Prejudice and racism.
  • Behaviour change.
  • Social Disorder.

This book offers the foundation on which future analysis, intervention and policy can be built.

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