Book: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Eating Disorders

Book Title:

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Eating Disorders.

Author(s): Christopher G. Fairburn.

Year: 2008.

Edition: First (1st).

Publisher: Guildford Press.

Type(s): Hardcover and Kindle.


This book provides the first comprehensive guide to enhanced cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT-E), the leading empirically supported treatment for eating disorders in adults.

Written with the practitioner in mind, the book demonstrates how this transdiagnostic approach can be used with the full range of eating disorders seen in clinical practice.

Christopher Fairburn and colleagues describe in detail how to tailor CBT-E to the needs of individual patients, and how to adapt it for patients who require hospitalisation.

Also addressed are frequently encountered co-occurring disorders and how to manage them.

Reproducible appendices feature the Eating Disorder Examination interview and questionnaire.

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