What is the Body Attitudes Test?


The Body Attitudes Test (BAT) was developed by Probst and colleagues in 1995.

Refer to Body Attitudes Questionnaire.


It was designed for the assessment of eating disorders in women. The BAT measures an individual’s subjective body experience and attitudes towards one’s own body it differentiates between clinical and non-clinical subjects and between anorexics and bulimics. It is composed of twenty items which yield four factors:

  1. Negative appreciation of body size.
  2. Lack of familiarity with one’s own body.
  3. General body dissatisfaction.
  4. A rest factor.


Probst, M. Van Coppenolle, H. & Vandereycken, W. (1997) Further experience with the Body Attitude Test. Eating and Weight Disorders. 2(2), pp.100104. doi:10.1007/bf03339956.

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