A Bus Called Friendship

Manufacturer: My Heart.

Year: 1974.

Seats: Not sure, although in good condition as many unused.


There are several features that come as standard for this model.

  1. Air conditioning: Blows hot and cold, but with some ENCOURAGEMENT the right temperature is achieved.
  2. Wired for CCTV: We CARE that you have a safe and comfortable journey.
  3. Fully carpeted: It is important to feel SUPPORTed.
  4. To be HONEST generally handles well, being a DEPENDABLE drive, even with bumps in the road.
  5. Can get stuck in a rut now and again, but with SYMPATHY/EMPATHY usually drives out, even with the deep ones.
  6. A GENEROUS luggage compartment comes as standard; it is important make space for the luggage carried rather than cram in to much.
  7. Slower than other models, but this means more TIME to cater to onboard needs.
  8. Recently added some headrests and armrests after LISTENING to some FEEDBACK.
  9. A TRUSTy manual gearbox which we know you will LOVE.
  10. Seat Belts: Fitted as standard to provide a SAFE environment on the journey.
  11. Reclining seats: Fitted as standard to provide a COMFORTABLE journey.
  12. Comes with TV, DVD player, fridge, USB, WIFI, and power sockets to CATER for different NEEDS.
  13. Reverse Camera: Fitted as standard to avoid bumping into any nasty surprises BEHIND you before driving FORWARD.
  14. Ramp access: To AID those having difficulty getting onboard.

Given years of LOYAL service and had a number of modifications over the years that have added VALUE.

Viewing welcome, please contact to arrange.

I will LISTEN to and consider any REASONABLE offers.

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