Book: Overcome Anxiety

Book Title:

Overcome Anxiety: How to manage anxiety disorder, manage worry, stop panic attack for an happy life with joy and happiness.

Author(s): Jamie Peace.

Year: 2019.

Edition: First.

Publisher: Independently Published.

Type(s): Paperback.



Are you afraid of fear? Do you know that today there are new simple therapies? Did they ever talk to you about the diary of change?

We all feel anxious all the time. Without anxiety, we would have been eaten out of existence. It is what helps us determine the danger and get out of it in time. When your heart begins to race, you then know that you need to get your flight or fight on.

When one finds themselves on the cusps of anxiety and depression, it often feels like the world is coming to an end. You lose energy of what you want to do when depression sets in. When anxiety sets in, you almost feel as though the world is a raging enemy, charging at you in full speed. Desperately, you look round for a solution, or at least, guidelines for finding solutions. You find, them, but they are laded with medical jargon.

However, there is another situation where your body begins to act out anxiously even in the absence of a threat? So what do you do in this case? Well, you chose this book, and we are here to help you find a guide on how to live with it.

Well, guess what? This book is here to provide you with material that you won’t find around -easy to follow steps and guides to identify if you suffer from anxiety or depression, or a potent combination of both. You will then be run through a series of steps on what you can do to improve your condition, how to find the motivation to go through with exercises, medically proven remedies for anxiety and depression, the kind of exercises that will help you recover better.


  • What are the problem of Anxiety, Depression, Worry, Panic attack
  • How Identifying them in different situation
  • Simple helpful Exercise
  • Put the teachings into practice
  • What is a diary of change

This book is full of simple, easy to follow exercises, instructions, and guides written in a straightforward language. Instead of telling you that you have anxiety or depression, we give you concrete pointers on identifying the issue and then follow through with descriptive guideline that you can follow towards recovery. We have written this book in a way that even a child would pick it up and go through it and emerge at the back end of the page enlightened, bolder, more courageous and with a bigger desire to fight the monster that is depression and its deadly brother-in-crime anxiety. Trust us, these are bad conditions to live with, but in this book, you will learn how to manage them.

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