Book: Borderline Personality Disorder For Dummies

Book Title:

Borderline Personality Disorder For Dummies, 2nd Edition.

Author(s): Charles H. Elliott and Laura L. Smith.

Year: 2020.

Edition: Second (2nd).

Publisher: For Dummies..

Type(s): Paperback and Kindle.


Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is an extremely serious – and often seriously neglected – condition. Despite around 4 million diagnoses in the US, BPD has attracted lower funding and levels of clinical concern than more “popular” conditions such as bipolar disorder. But there’s no need to lose hope! Borderline Personality Disorder For Dummies, 2nd Edition was written to bridge this gap and help sufferers learn how to break the cycle to lead a full and happy life.

BPD impacts the way you think and feel about yourself and others and can cause long-term patterns of disruptive relationships and difficulties with self-control. It often results from childhood abuse or neglect, as well as from genetic or brain abnormalities – particularly in areas of the brain that regulate emotion, impulsivity, and aggression. Knowing how it works means we know how to manage it, and Borderline Personality Disorder For Dummies – written in a friendly, easy-to-follow style by two leading clinical psychologists – is packed with useful techniques to do just that: from identifying triggers to finding the right care provider.

  • Get a compassionate, actionable understanding of the symptoms and history of BPD.
  • Acquire techniques to identify and halt damaging behaviours.
  • Evaluate providers and the latest therapies and treatments.
  • Set goals and habits to overcome problems step-by-step.

BPD should never be allowed to dictate anyone’s existence. This reference gives you the tools to take your life back and is a must-have for sufferers and their loved ones alike.

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