Book: Understanding Depression

Book Title:

Understanding Depression: 9 Techniques To Change YOUR Life!

Author(s): Amy McMiller.

Year: 2019.

Edition: First (1st).

Publisher: Independently Published.

Type(s): Kindle.


I have written this book because I have helped many people with depression and feel that there is a need to clear a few things up.

The current medical and pharmaceutical industry are not doing much to improve the symptoms. I want people to feel like themselves again and finally get the symptom relieve that they are looking for.

Luckily I am not the only one recognising that someone has to wake up in order to educate people of what can really aid in fighting depression.

I have been a former nurse working with mentally ill patients for more than a decade therefore I am speaking from experience and also in the name of many of my former patients for whom I cared deeply.

Depending on where you are living in the world antidepressants can be very expensive, the medical system might have written you off already or you have simply lost hope that there will ever be a cure for your condition. Do not give up. Take the courage and read this book, fight another day to get out of the cycle of depression and medication.

I want you to try my suggestions in this book because I know that they will work! Together we can cure your depression and potentially with the help of your current physician get off the medication for good. Sounds good? Let’s get started!

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